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Just Having a Think Presents: Social Movements & Digital Media

Video Making in Practice Before I started making my video - before I even thought about what I wanted to say or the format I wanted to follow - I knew, without a doubt, I had to have the cliche,... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Snapchat

PicaBOO! was the name Snapchat went by during its design process so if you've spent the last 5 years wondering why their logo uses a ghost, well, there you go. September 2011 was the month Snapchat graced us with its... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Twitter

I bet you thought it was going to be Facebook. Twitter's been around since March of 2006 and has since grown into one of the largest microblogging communication services available. With a market evaluation of $15.7 billion, Twitter stands to... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Introduction

My favourite thing to say to people is that at the end of my course, I'm going to be qualified to write a really good Facebook status. I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day where I made... Continue Reading →

Why I do What I do and How I’ve done it

The following started out as a Livestream outline that I was going to do, but it turned into something more than that, so once you get past the current tense and awkwardness at the start it turns into a pretty... Continue Reading →

About Gamification

Gamification was a term that left a bad taste in my mouth. I've played video games for years and my Steam account is a great way to showcase how many days I've spent in some virtual world fighting dragons or... Continue Reading →

Pseudonymity: My identity at War

I've gone by many names online; many profiles and many different avatars I've tried and tested to see what suited me in constructing an appropriate online profile. But a recent realisation has lead me to believe this may not have... Continue Reading →

About Making your Brand

From being the platform when you could privately share your holiday photos and child's first steps, to becoming a professional service for you to create an online resume, social media has become a branding device that individuals can use to... Continue Reading →

About choosing what’s right for you

Something that drives me to do well on Social Media is having seen friends start accounts to get their name outĀ there but don't keep it up. People who start up a Facebook page to promote themselvesĀ but fail to keep it... Continue Reading →

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