Just having a think.


I just wrote about 500 words of narcissistic commentary but now I’ve gotten that out of my system, deleted it, I can come back down to Earth.

Hello, my name is Ben, I’m a University/College Student and I’m studying Public Relations. I’m starting this blog because as I was told all of last year by some few professors that a blog is a great way to get involved with the virtual community. I have had other blogs in the past, though. I recently just deleted my last WordPress blog which had a couple pages of content, but wasn’t really attached to it so did away with it; I’ve had a Tumblr blog for some years, and yes you guessed it, deleted it too sometime during mid Trimester last year, instantly regretted it, and started a new one. You could say I’m one to make foolish mistakes.

All that aside I’m feeling pretty good with this one. I’m in my second year of Uni which means I actually have to put that extra 1% into my work and extracurriculars, maybe even start using a hardcover diary, who knows. Just so you know, I’m not one to really get into politics or large scale debates on immigration, feminism, veganism, human rights, current affairs, the war on drugs or any other prolific discourse. In saying that I do like to talk about my weekly studies. Which, despite what I just said, might touch on some of these subjects, due to the media and what’s going on at the time.

All in all, I’d like it if you came with me on this journey of discussion, remaining open minded and preaching no bias on what we talk about and continue to have evolving chit chat about what goes on in our society without berating humanity solely on what single thing someone might think is wrong with it.

Many Thanks




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