I’ve got more social media accounts than Paris Hilton had Blackberry smartphones that one time (Not an actual fact).

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Vine, YouTube, Yik-Yak and LinkedIn are all the apps I checked-in on a regular, daily basis. And I love it.

I often felt a little outlandish having such a vested interest in social media because to some people it was just something they did or participated in because of its novelty or because they’d read about it or seen their friends use it, or were kindly invited by their friends to join. I think it was my admiration for the people who were social media ‘famous’ that really stoked my interest. I first thought, “Wow, how did they manage such a fellowship? They get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments congratulating their work,” which quickly became,  “But… to be honest, they’re not really that funny, good looking, or… special. What makes them so great?”

However, looking at my readings over the last couple years, and my research into social media and community engagement in the area of social media, I’ve just come to the fact they knew how to handle their accounts and engage with their audience. At a glance, it might be incredibly time-consuming, not knowing how to manage your efforts: asking yourself how much time should I spend engaging with people on Facebook, compared to how many tweets a day should I try and make to keep up conversations with my followers on Twitter? When you sit down and look at it all, not that I’ve done that much myself, it really is a lot to take in, but it quickly becomes clear how effective Social Media can be in influencing people.

I want to take the time to talk about what I think of the aforementioned social mediums so stick around for those posts.