Where do we go from here?

In an article I read on LinkedIn, Alex Kirk talks about how Social Media is entering a battle royale to determine who’s going to be the primary source of content and who’s going to direct the flow of how we use the internet in the future. Who’s winning? Well, I was just having a think…

As it stands, Facebook is a pretty big player in the content worl-

Wait, I should probably mention, that according to Kirk, there is four, “battlefields” companies are competing to be the best in, Kirk identifies these as Music, Content, Messaging, and… “The Future”

So, as it stands Facebook is a pretty big player in the content world. They have the Facebook service itself as well as Instagram and it’s other subordinate services, but let’s stick to Facebook and Instagram. Facebook, I think we all know, has grown beyond a networking site and has been adopted as a service for branding, marketing, and viral videos. We find news on there, we find articles about various industries, we follow people we admire on their, we share content we think is funny and memes reign supreme. But… can’t we do the same thing on Twitter?

Okay, so what about Instagram? Well, Instagram is a photo sharing service! It helps organisations curate photo stills of their product or other various content and with the introduction of stories can now provide content that has a more behind the stage feel! …Wait, “stories”? Snapchat has stories? What makes this different from Snapchat?

We have all these services that are becoming increasingly the same so it’s up to them to try and stand out from the other social platforms to their to make their content sharing service better than the last. A perfect example was Instagram’s rather hostile action to take aboard stories. They’re reasoning that the concept of stories was a format that was somewhat up for grabs by everyone and they put their own ‘spin’ on it. How about that, hey? A form of friendly rivalry or maybe something more?

It’s not just content, that’s up for monopolising. Music, messaging and something Kirk coins “The Future” is there for the taking as well. With music, you have YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music all competing to be the preferred service for music streaming and profit. YouTube has the benefit of video content to accommodate their videos and Apple is a highly regarded brand with a strict identity that people chose to assimilate into. But what does Spotify have? Well, apparently a quickly growing user base. So who’s in line to dominate music streaming? Who will we be subscribing to in a year’s time?

Let’s talk about “The Future”, what are the future youth going to be using to hide from their parents and maintain a sense of ‘hipness’ and sovereignty in this fast growing, digital native world? Instagram and Sapchat are at each other’s necks about this as there’s growing influence in sharing images made both by individuals and organisations so now it comes into question who’s the best platform for sharing photos?

There’s lots to consider here but what remains is the question of who will be the more dominant platform in a years time? or even six months? Who will begin to control the flow of content and how we use the internet to share and interact with our friends and stakeholders? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I am anticipating some big updates coming that will change the way we use Social Media and the way we communicate.



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