3 Applications to download

#1 Hash
https://thehash.today/ – Available in the App Store


I found this the other day and I’ve used it each morning since. Hash is a news app that puts together stories – talking points – and plays short snippets of news stories from around the world that are trending or impactful. It has a nifty feature where it’ll wish you a good morning or afternoon before it plays you the top stories from the day. After you’ve finished watching your talking points video it takes you to a list of stories that were and weren’t covered and lets you follow them by aggregating articles from newspapers and online articles.

Nice functionality and design
Attractive interface

Slow to load

#2 Prisma
http://prisma-ai.com/ – Available in the App Store


I’m not too into photo editing but Prisma takes what can sometimes be a chore and makes it easy, fun and unique. Using artificial intelligence, Prisma can take any photo you have on your phone and engineer it to look like it was drawn in pencil, painted by Da Vinci or look like a famous piece of artwork. The filters that you apply analyse your photo and decide what attributes it can change to reflect what style you want.  This is a great app if you’re making content on the lam and want a funky image to go along some funky content.

Lost of style to choose from
Easy sharing options
Ability to save the original photo and the edited version

There are short load times between applying a new feature that can grow tedious
Sometimes the photo may not be properly analysed or have some attributes that filter can’t account for and the edited version make look incomplete

#3 Egg Inc.
Link to App Store


This insane clicker game will have you fixed on producing some of the greatest eggs known to mankind. As the owner of a chicken farm, in a universe where regular chicken eggs have mutated to have special properties, you need to breed chickens, purchase upgrades and climb the ranks to hatch various different eggs worth more and more money as you go. You need to make sure you have large enough hatcheries to house you many thousands of chickens and enough trucks to ship those eggs away. Drones also fly by every now and then so if you see one of them give it a tap to knock it down and reap some great rewards.

Pro tip: The game uses Golden eggs as a premium currency for the game and for higher end upgrades. Instead of buying them in bulk, spend your time upgrading your farm and when your piggy bank is full enough crack it open for only $5.

High replay value
Encouraging reward system

Far too addictive for consumption



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