How to succeed online: A Summer Project

So I’m fresh out of my second year of Univeristy and I finally want to start creating content. This is, of course, quite nerve racking, because I’m worried I might not know enough to help others in their career. This keeps me from working on any projects, but one day at a time I realise it’s more than just finding a day to start, it’s that fact you decided to start that matters. So after some weeks of thinking, planning and working on how I want to publish my brand, I’ve decided I’m going to release a series of videos on how I believe you can succeed online.

I am the furthest thing from any online marketer or professional brand advisor, but when I look at my friend’s list on Facebook I realise it’s not the professionals I want to impress, but my peers that I want to help; take their talents and give them the tools to work with to succeed online.

I believe online success starts with these 5 questions:

  • What is My brand?
  • What platform do I want to use?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are my key messages?
  • How do I engage with my audience?

So starting this week I’m going to begin releasing short YouTube videos on my tips for online success. They’ll be short, to the point and engaging, and aimed at those looking to get their foot in the door if they ever decide to take their online profiles and make something more of them.

It’s always been a dream of mine to help people communicate and realise the value in their talents, and I think knowing how to work with the future online is the best way to start.

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Twitter: @MarneyWasTaken
Instagram: @JustHavingAThink
Facebook: /justhavingathink



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