Facebook is back at it again – Time to share what’s on my mind

So I’m on my way to the local cafe to hang out and work on some content, and I check my phone on they way to reply to some Facebook inboxes. I find that my phone has auto-updated the messenger app and I have this fancy new feature where I can “Share My Day”

So I was just having a think….

I may have popped a gasket when Instagram introduced Stories, and I learnt to accept that Snapchat didn’t own the exclusive rights to the mechanic, but with Facebook, I think I’m more inclined to see where this goes. If you knew me some months ago you would have heard that I was a Snapchat fiend. I would Snap most of my life and have a rather loaded story that I was pretty infamous for, but it was simple and I thought I had mastered it. In the last couple of months I haven’t really been as active on Snapchat, and with the Instagram update, I started wondering where I wanted to direct my energies.

The new Messanger update could provide some much needed changes to how Facebook functions, and I think it needs it as I feel Facebook is becoming a bit dated. Firstly, what I like about the update is that I don’t need to worry about rebuilding my audience, my friends have always been my audience and now I have a direct connection to them through a medium I’d always enjoyed on other platforms. My following on Snapchat and Instagram is nowhere near as high on Facebook, so from a personal brand perspective, this is a great tool to start using.

Something I want to see happen in this new update is seeing it integrate with Instagram. The two platforms, both owned by Facebook, function in different ways in regards to content – curating and creating – and being able to post a story from one platform with the option to shoot it through to the other would be great to see and help with managing accounts.

Seeing as though much of what I do now I publish on my personal Facebook page, being able to compliment that with curated “behind the scenes” content just tightens my social media efficiency. So will I transition to using messenger to share my story? It’s definitely something I’m going to try.

So what do you think? We now have three platforms to document our days and each platform has slightly different ways of doing it. Which will you choose? Will you use them all or transfer to the one? Let me know!


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