About choosing what’s right for you

Something that drives me to do well on Social Media is having seen friends start accounts to get their name out there but don’t keep it up. People who start up a Facebook page to promote themselves but fail to keep it updated, or start a thematic Instagram but rarely contribute to it (guilty).

Well, I was just having a think about…

-Choosing what’s right for you-

Social Media is a great place to start branding, getting your name out there and finding a foundation to release your content and start networking. But hopping on every platform available and hoping it’ll come out in your favour is the first mistake I see people make.

Social Media‘ by Sean MacEntee (CC BY 2.0)

Now lemme jump right in and say that I am on every sort of platform you can start to name, and I have, in full-disclosure, had accounts I’ve let die or have straight up-and-deleted because they weren’t doing it for me anymore. Tumblr is a great example of this. I had a following of about 500 people on Tumblr and met a lot of friends and made some connections but it got to a stage sometime mid last year where I found I wasn’t getting as much out of it as I once was so I decided to part with it. Looking back it that wasn’t such a great decision, because as time went on I learned more about Social Media and content creation, and I tried some weeks after to build that following again, but I kept falling into the same slump. Which leads me to say Tumblr is a great platform if you already have a following you’ve built up over time and decided to do something special with that.

In choosing what’s right for you, I suggest looking at what you’re good at – I’ve talked about this before in another post: Finding your medium

The next thing I decide on is what category my content falls under:

Writing? Photography? Video? Skit performance? Audio? Articles? Opinion pieces?

Once you work that out, you chose your social media! Here’s a mind map I made a couple months ago when I was trying to bring together all my Social media. These are all the platforms I was on at the time and a brainstorm of what I wanted to achieve as well as some research notes.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.18.15 pm.png
‘Social Media Mind Map’ by Ben Mahoney, made with SimpleMind Free

Now how great would this be if it was as simple as Step 1-2-3? It would be awesome, except there’s always more to it than that. Something that will change your decision about where you go is a question you should always ask yourself: “Where is my audience?”

When I started making content I knew my audience was on Facebook. I wasn’t about to start convincing myself I had an audience on any other social platform because I had taken the time to assess my friends list and knew what they liked to see.

Do some research. Who likes your content the most? Where are they?  Do you have more followers on Twitter than Instagram? Do you Facebook friends outnumber the people who read your blog? Who likes your content the most? Where are they?  Do you have more followers on Twitter than Instagram? Do your Facebook friends outnumber the people who read your blog?

(Wow, that was a lot of vague, philosophical questions I’m never going to answer)

We unknowingly spend our entire digital lifetime building a following and never really utilising it. It takes time finding what’s right for you, and it takes experimentation and it takes seeing nothing happen for weeks while you try and work out the platform and what works best for you. But have fun with it, not be discourage but the lack of activity, just keep creating, keep having fun with it and make sure you try your best to stay visible throughout it all.


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