About Making your Brand

From being the platform when you could privately share your holiday photos and child’s first steps, to becoming a professional service for you to create an online resume, social media has become a branding device that individuals can use to start selling themselves to future employers. Where some platforms like LinkedIn are designed for producing a comprehensive online resume, Facebook and Twitter are two examples the regular user can start to use to begin building their brand.

Twitter is a platform that works as a microblogging service for people to contribute short ideas or comments to generate or partake in global discussions through hashtags. Twitter’s credibility and functionality lies in its transparency and the benefits it gives peddling journalists or low-tier content creators. By partaking and using appropriate hashtags they can increase they visibility on the global stage, a remarkable facet of Twitter that isn’t necessarily available on Facebook.

Facebook allows a user to build a comprehensive profile, complete with friends list, and works as a curation system for their life story. the added feature of being able to a Facebook page and begin posting content in a categorised and planned manner will let people contact you directly for whatever service you provide while also acting as an online shop or website for up and coming brands.

So how can social media get you a job? Well, because of the visibility it provides brands, it can provide the same visibility to the user. It took me a while to work out what it meant too, but it’s effectively what we put out on social media that makes us and explains who we are to people who decide to watch on. The following video explains how branding is more than just marketing or a fancy logo – It’s confidence and passion, things a future employer will be looking for.

If you’re interested in social media you’ve probably gone out and tried them all. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, maybe even YouTube if you’ve felt yourself video savvy. All of these and more can be used to create a virtual profile for people to pursue and form an image of who you are. But with social media comes great power and great insight into your life. You need to make sure you can frame yourself in a way that makes you look employable. Consider the things you tweet about or the photos you post online. What do they say about you? What do they say about your employability? Are some of these not suited for the public sphere? Where social media has a great hand in helping you get a job, it can also greatly damage your chances of receiving an interview.

So if you’re ready to launch your brand, or start that Facebook page you’ve always dreamed about, consider both the benefits and implications that having an online identity – virtual resume and portfolio – will have in the long run.


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