Why I do What I do and How I’ve done it

The following started out as a Livestream outline that I was going to do, but it turned into something more than that, so once you get past the current tense and awkwardness at the start it turns into a pretty good read, lengthy but good – Ben 

I’ve been promising a video on Wednesdays for the last couple of weeks but I’ve been slack in delivering that, and that’s because unlike my Sunday videos I’d much prefer these to be more planned. Live streaming counteracts that because I can’t go back and edit and highlight the jokes but in saying that I also think it means I need to try and get all the information right to begin with.

So today I want to start by talking about what I’m doing; what I’m doing now, why I’m talking to you, why I’m using this medium and what I’ve done to slowly build up to this. I’m not about to launch an album but I am trying to launch a brand.

So I wanted to take some time to talk people through it, and it doing so it helps me work through it, and get it out there what I’m trying to do:

For a while I’ve known I’ve wanted to go into Social Media Marketing, as a derivative of brand management, for individuals who are aspiring performing artists. I’ve know this since the start of my course and I’ve been working towards that goal for a while now. In the last 6 months I’ve realised that I’m ready to start doing things for other people, providing advice and direction for their brand, their product or just for their LinkedIn profile.

I think there’s a point where people like me – we read extensively, we try new things and we try to stay in the loop – there’s a point where we go, “Okay, I’m ready, how can I start practising what I’ve learned?”

When I came to that point I knew it was ‘time’ I start learning about the finer intricacies of Social Media, so I started a Facebook Page. I didn’t’ start a page to be something I would dedicate an absurd about of time to growing and promoting, but rather it was a way for me to learn more about how a Facebook Page works. The layouts, the advertisement systems, the customisations – these things, while seemingly innocuous to people who are on the outside thinking a page is just a way to garner support for themselves, can make or break the value a page provides, and I just find incredible intrigue with doing things the best way possible for maximum outcome.

After setting up my page and looking through the tabs of data and insights and business options, I began to realise that there wasn’t much more I could get out of this unless I did start gathering likes. At this time I had a blog which I updated semi-regularly, and I realised that I sometimes inundated the friends on my profile with content that they might not care about, and in thinking this, I wanted to avoid burdening my friends list with information that just went under the radar, so I diverted that content to my Facebook Page.

With my blog posts and the articles I found interesting being diverted to my New Facebook Page I started building a library of content that I was proud of, lament rudimentarily written and often in a hurry. So before I launched my Facebook page I thought I would make some promises to myself:

  • I wouldn’t manually invite friends to like my page
  • I wouldn’t sponsor content
  • And after a determined time I would stop cross posting my content to my personal Profile.

With these rules set in place I shared my page on my profile and garnered an influx of likes. My stats say I grew 20 likes in a day, which honestly took me aback. All of a sudden my insights came to life and I could begin to see people’s engagement, the impressions on my posts and the shares my posts received which in turn spiked my engagement with people who I didn’t even know. But with engagement comes the need for consistency, which if anything, is my greatest fall-back.

Video is my medium of choice and in setting a goal to be more consistent on Social Media I decided I needed to do a weekly video. But about what? I had originally thought that this was the best time to begin sharing my knowledge of social with my peers in an attempt to show them some ins and outs of the platforms they use on a regular basis, but after having thought this I started to doubt my genuine knowledge of such volatile subjects. My next decision was that if I wanted to maintain a regular series of uploads I need to do something that was far more natural and less reliant on academic facts. It was while I was wondering all of this that I was sitting at my desk in my dressing gown, drinking my instant coffee where I realised that the best thing, in this case, is the easiest thing – weekly blogs on a Sunday morning in my robe.

It’s a novelty on its own and something people can relate to. If I upload it on a Sunday morning no one would be expecting it and it’d be a great break from people’s Sunday slumps. But what would I talk about? Myself, obviously. Don’t get me wrong, I love my ego as much as the next person who should love my ego, but when it comes to talking about myself  in a fashion that requires me to be engaging and novel, well, that just takes away from the fun of talking about myself. But aside from a nifty Snapchat story, it’s the only other thing I’m really good at.

So with a trip home and some wild weather I started a series of videos which keep me active and consistent online. And the feedback was amazing. It’s true what they say about encouragement: Sometimes all it takes is one person. So when your video is watched 600 times and you have considerable engagement through likes, comments and shares, all off the back of 20 likes and a profile share, it really lets you know what you’re doing is worth it.

Look, in summary, I’m only just coming to terms with the next steps I need to take to start kicking some goals. There’s a lot left to do and I think I’m ready to start hustling to get there. I just need to start prioritising and getting a plan set to keep me on track.

Maybe I’ll start a Wikipedia, that might be fun.



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