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Fake News and Knowing What’s What

Is Fake News an issue? What are the real implications of Fake News? Should Social Media sites be filtering Fake News to prevent misinformation? Well, I was just having a think... Fake news is only dangerous if taken seriously. I... Continue Reading →

When you over satirise you lose your message

With the American election tomorrow, tensions are understandably high around the... world. And after watching a last ditch effort to get voters to vote, I was just having a think... A video lead by Rachel Bloom and a conglomerate of... Continue Reading →

Influence & our role as influencers

So I want to talk about something rather important. Something we might take for granted and something we don't really know we have. I want to talk about influence. I was just having a think.... For every friend, for every... Continue Reading →

Facebook is back at it again – Time to share what’s on my mind

So I'm on my way to the local cafe to hang out and work on some content, and I check my phone on they way to reply to some Facebook inboxes. I find that my phone has auto-updated the messenger... Continue Reading →

How to succeed online: A Summer Project

So I'm fresh out of my second year of Univeristy and I finally want to start creating content. This is, of course, quite nerve racking, because I'm worried I might not know enough to help others in their career. This... Continue Reading →

Online Profiler: Julia Banks & Graham Watt

We were asked to analyse two politicains community engagement for a class but I'm thinking I could do this more often. Let me know if this is something you'd like to see more off. After a quick Google search, submitting... Continue Reading →

3 Applications to download

#1 Hash - Available in the App Store I found this the other day and I've used it each morning since. Hash is a news app that puts together stories - talking points - and plays short snippets of news... Continue Reading →

Assistant Wanted

I've been delayed in my posts this week and this is just a bit of a reflection of the last five days and how I've been working towards improving my time management. The last several days I've been trying to work... Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here?

In an article I read on LinkedIn, Alex Kirk talks about how Social Media is entering a battle royale to determine who's going to be the primary source of content and who's going to direct the flow of how we use... Continue Reading →

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